Golfing in the sunshine

Stable weather for a long season

South Tyrol, surrounded by mountains, owes its stable weather conditions to the main Alpine ridge in particular. Statistically speaking the region can boast 300 days of sunshine each year! Perfect conditions, then, for playing a round or two without having to carry an umbrella or wear waterproofs.

The golf season in South Tyrol

Spring starts early in South Tyrol. The sun breaks through into the valleys from February on, causing the temperatures to rise. From March the golf season usually restarts in the valleys: the low-lying golf courses at Lana and Eppan offer some of the longest golf seasons in central Europe – from March to December – and are ideal for a pleasant game, especially in spring when the apple trees are blossoming all around! The late summer and autumn too are also ideal for golf in the valleys.


In high summer, however, when temperatures down below can exceed 30°C, golfers can enjoy a “summer retreat” in the mountains, where it is noticeably cooler and the effort required is significantly less. There the temperatures are ideal for playing a round against a unique mountain backdrop!