Golfing and culinary delights in South Tyrol

Culinary highlights for golfers

The opportunities for golfing in South Tyrol are wide and varied. But eventually comes that hour of the day when the last ball has been holed, which is when this region reveals a very different – but no less fascinating – side to itself: the culinary aspect.

Award-winning fare

Hardly any other region can offer so many Michelin-starred establishments in such a small area: local chefs have (as of 2019) acquired no fewer than 26 such stars for South Tyrol. The local cuisine makes it particularly easy to indulge, however: based upon peasant traditions and ever further refined over the decades, it skilfully combines the Italian notion of the Dolce Vita with substantial Tyrolean fare to consistently create new delights.

Down-to-earth cookery


Visitors can also find plenty to savour away from the lofty heights of the Michelin-starred establishments, whether it is lunch at the 19th hole, an aperitif in the local clubhouse, or an evening in a nearby country inn: South Tyrol at its most authentic!


Wine is part of the picture


These culinary delights should of course be accompanied by the appropriate South Tyrolean wines, some of which rank among the finest in Europe. Vernatsch, Pinot Nero and Pinot Bianco, Lagrein, Gewürztraminer: here you are sure to find your own personal favourite! South Tyrol can offer every player just the right thing – both on and off the golf course!